RhyssaFireheart (rhyssafireheart) wrote,

Time flies

Wow, I guess I never realized how long I've been on LJ.  I've been posting on some forums for longer, but this is a bit different.  Because of a post by glenatron about his 10 year anniversary here on LJ, I was prompted to go take a look to see when I joined.

January 22, 2007, which means it's been just over 7.5 years now. This -> http://rhyssafireheart.livejournal.com/843.html was my first post made (a rant, how not surprising for back then) although the original, "Welcome to LiveJournal" post is still there, too.  And going back through the pages, I was really active in 2007.

I should read some of those posts again, just because.
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