RhyssaFireheart (rhyssafireheart) wrote,

Theme hell


I've been somewhat bored with the theme on my journal here and finally decided to update/pick a new one.  And there are a ton of themes to choose from even for a freebie account.  But good gods, some of those layouts/colors/designs are so.... hideous.  I mean really, flat out, who the hell thought those colors looked okay together bad.  And the thing is, most of those are simply variations on a basic layout and someone (who thought they were a designer) simply came up with a ton of color variations and voila!  Instant theme!

I rather like the one I've switched to (Kite in the Clouds or something like that) even though I don't usually use art I haven't created myself.  The old theme (Randomness) was nice but I'm tired of grey and not having a date tag on the posts.
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